The Proven 6-Step Healing System For Women To Quickly Cut Through Stress And Navigate Changing Times By Building Radical Resilience, Mental Clarity, And Inner Balance.


[without frustration...even if you're unbearably overwhelmed, burned out, stuck, and confused.]

If You're A Women Interested In
Self Discovery, Wellbeing, And Conscious Living Who's Looking
For Stress Relief...


You're Likely Here Because You're...

  • Struggling to cope.

  • Feeling lost or stuck.

  • Going through a crisis.

  • Overcome by stress and overwhelm.

  • Unable to find meaning in your daily round.

  • In uncharted territory and feel utterly exhausted.

  • Spinning so many plates that they're starting to fall.

  • Burdened by what seems like never-ending difficulties.

  • At a crossroads and feel lost or uncertain about what’s next.

  • Facing the loss of a job, loved one, money, a business, or a dream.

  • Sinking beneath your responsibilities (work, relationships, finances, home, and family).

Tell Me About The Next Rise! Immersion

>> RISE!  is an interactive 6-week online immersion for women spiritual explorers that combines yogic teachings with embodiment practices (Kundalini Meditations), self-inquiry, connected community, and Live Q&A Sessions to CREATE DEEPLY NEEDED CHANGE that helps you go from feeling the unbearable overwhelm of stress to BEING CALM, STRONG, AND STABLE.

>> This proven step-by-step meditation-based healing system helps you RISE ABOVE LIFE'S CHALLENGES and is one of five immersions that make up the Finding Your Own North Star: The Roadmap To ResilienceTM Healing System.  

In This Special RISE! Immersion You'll...

  • Find out why stabilizing your vitality, stress, and relaxation are so important to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE.
  • Recognize the reality of stress so you can ADAPT WELL to whatever life sends your way.
  • Identify your stress symptoms, sources, and sensitivities so you can choose how to respond and HAVE POWER OVER YOUR REACTIVE HABITS.
  • Discover how to uplevel your consciousness and character to RECUPERATE FROM, AND PREVENT, BURNOUT.
  • Learn prevention and self care habits to counter stress and STOP FEELING OVERWHELMED.
  • Develop curiosity and willingness so you can DEAL WITH ANY CRISIS or sudden shock.


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Why You'll Love it.

You'll Regain Your...


Stabilize your state so you can handle life's challenges.


Develop your awareness so you can choose how you respond.


Boost your stress recovery so you can prevent, and recuperate from, burnout.


Enhance  your coping skills so you can deal with the hardship and change of any crisis.


Build your capacity so you can skillfully meet what life brings your way.


Free yourself from reactive habits so you can experience grace during difficult times.

Included In The Immersion...

You'll Receive

  • The full RISE! 6-session meditation-based stress relief system
  • 6 x 60-90 min LIVE teaching sessions with Sharlene, (1 per week)
  • 2 x Live Q&A sessions with Sharlene
  • Private FB Group
  • Archived recordings in the online classroom for replays
  • Session handouts (journaling prompts and meditation handouts)
  • Payment plan and full pay options
  • Plus, special 5-Pack Pricing for those wanting to purchase all 5 Immersions in Finding Your Own North Star: The Roadmap To Radical Resilience


  • BONUS #1: The Home Practice Checklist
  • BONUS #2: The Meditation Process Tracker
  • BONUS #3: The Kundalini Yoga Practice Companion


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Kundalini Is Transformational.  Don't Just Take My Word For It, Here's What Students Say:

"I HAVE GAINED SO MUCH AWARENESS OF MYSELF, WHILE GAINING STRENGTH, BALANCE, AND BETTER MENTAL WELLBEING. Sharlene has been an inspiration to me. I feel so blessed to be guided by her and to feel her positive energy. The knowledge and wisdom she shares is healing and helps me. For anyone who is on a personal search, I highly recommend working with Sharlene; her approaches will leave you fulfilled."

~ Salima Mulji

"SHARLENE'S APPROACHES ARE PACKED WITH VALUABLE TECHNIQUES ON HOW TO BOOST ENERGY LEVELS AND COPE WITH STRESS. Sharlene is a truly gifted guide. She takes the fundamentals and transforms them into practical life lessons that you can apply outside the session. I highly recommend working with her."

Amelia Wolff

"WORKING WITH SHARLENE HAS INSPIRED ME TO BE MORE AND BE THE BEST I CAN BE. There are always tidbits of wisdom that you have provided along the way, just little things that bring a sense of self awareness, both in body and mind. I have never felt such a drive to want to do more, do better, don’t give up! I can honestly say I have never had that motivation before in my life."

Karen Andrews

"I REALLY LIKE THE MEDITATIVE COMPONENT WITH MUDRAS AND MANTRAS. ALL I WANT IS MORE! What is most valuable for me is hard to put into words, as I love it all. Since taking your class, my back problems have decreased, my spiritual awareness has increased, and I feel more grounded. You are sweet and personable, as well as knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. Your personality brings a gentle humour and authenticity to the class."

Karin Guppy

Meet Your Guide

Sharlene Starr is internationally certified as a Level 3 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher and has been teaching since 2009.  She has 800+ hours of Kundalini-specific training and has travelled the globe to study with 14 Master-Level Legacy Teachers in the Kundalini community, giving her a unique insight into the nature of consciousness, healing, and the human condition.  Sharlene cares deeply about the future wellbeing of women in the world.  Women invest their time and resources to learn with Sharlene because they are moved by, and aligned with, what she stands for.  The core of her work is in helping women to transform adversity to advantage through Kundalini Meditation Healing Systems.  Her spiritual name, Gurleen, means “wise teacher who guides others to experience the light of their soul - the one who creates techniques to untie the knots of unawareness.”


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